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Singing Sculptures, 2017

Singing Sculptures, 2017
IVO DIMCHEV Hendrik Serruyslaan 18/a, 8400 Oostende

Location: minor hall (to the right of the main entrance)

The work by Ivo Dimchev (b. 1976, Sofia) is an uncompromising mix of performance art, dance, theatre and music. In this installation, three lifesized sculptures sit at the window, singing. They are life-sized replicas of Dimchev himself, who always looks out his window during rehearsals. Passers-by are the artist’s most important source of inspiration. Here the roles are reversed: the passers-by can witness the artist as he rehearses – a vulnerable moment.

Live action / performance: Ivo Dimchev will deliver a musical performance at the Kleine Post

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