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De Profundis, 2017

De Profundis, 2017
MIKES POPPE Canadaplein 1/a, 8400 Oostende

Mikes Poppe (b. 1983, Antwerp) constantly pitches his body into the arena during his performances. By his own admission, he wants to ‘glorify the love of danger, the attitude of willpower and audacity’. For The Raft. Art is (not) lonely, Mikes Poppe goes to work on a block of Carrara marble, referring to the great art-history traditions. The artist experiences those traditions as both a blessing and a curse: sometimes one has to break through the fixed mindset to find one’s own voice.

Live action / performance: Mikes Poppe will camp out in the courthouse, chained to a block of marble, for a lengthy performance

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