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Jean-Luc Parant (1944, Megrine)

Artworks by this artist

Mémoire du merveilleux. L’arche de Noé, 2012

Mémoire du merveilleux. L’arche de Noé, 2012 © foto: Gilles Hutchinson (Musée Paul Valéry, Sète, France, 2015)
JEAN-LUC PARANT Albert I-promenade 75, 8400 Oostende

The work Mémoire du merveilleux is a monumental installation, composed of ‘artificialia’ and ‘mineralia’, both wonders of the animal and plant kingdom. Jean-Luc Parant (b. 1944, Mégrine) has created a miniature version of the world, a perplexing Noah’s Ark. At once, the work – a plea for a more lyrical view of the world – reminds us of a time in which the world was imbued with symbolism, magic and mythology.

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