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LEMONISM x ACTIONISM, 2017 - Akemi Takeya

LEMONISM x ACTIONISM, 2017 - Akemi Takeya
11-04-2018 20:00
In the series ‘LEMONISM x ACTIONISM’, Akemi Takeya (b. 1961, Aomori) confronts two isms: Actionism is a known artistic movement from Vienna in the 1960s, whereas Lemonism sprouted from Takeya’s very own imagination.

In this performance, she carries out twenty actions with eighteen lemons – one for each character on the Medusa – which symbolize her own body. The artist goes on an existential journey, somewhere between real suffering and imitation. The cameraman films her actions, just as Géricault recorded the raft on canvas. A permanent installation by Akemi Takeya is on display in the Hippodroom. 

Price: 11 euro
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