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Per-for-mance means a person who per-for-ates himself and his surroundings (it is simultaneously an analysis, a destruction and an honouring).
From: Nachtboek, Jan Fabre, New York, 20 February 1982.

10/03 18:00

I Am Just Going Outside And May Be Sometime - VestAndPage

Artist couple VestAndPage took the inspiration for this performance from the polar explorers of the early 20th-century, whom they studied during their residency on Antarctica.
17/03 17:00

Hourglass, 2017 - Johanna Van Overmeir

Johanna van Overmeir (b. 1983, Duffel) produces quirky performances, video art and installations, in which she often acts as a human medium.
31/03 16:00

Stasis - Ruben Bellinkx

In this work by Ruben Bellinkx (b. 1975, Wilrijk), a group of men with supernatural powers clench a table in their mouths, and on that table are other men are doing the same.
11/04 20:00

LEMONISM x ACTIONISM, 2017 - Akemi Takeya

In the series ‘LEMONISM x ACTIONISM’, Akemi Takeya (b. 1961, Aomori) confronts two isms: Actionism is a known artistic movement from Vienna in the 1960s, whereas Lemonism sprouted from Takeya’s very own imagination.